Wifi does not work

pCP Team 30 August 2020 pCP 6.1.0 FAQ

A list of common Wifi issues

  • Wrong password.
  • Wrong SSID.
  • Wifi adapter does not support Wifi channel selected on Wifi router.
  • USB Wifi adapter and built-in Wifi adapter both trying to run at the same time.
  • Some audio cards interfere with Raspberry Pi built-in Wifi adapters.
  • Wifi drivers are gradually changing from “wext” to “nl80211” standard.
  • Kernel upgrades can break USB Wifi drivers. Unfortunately, we can not test all USB Wifi drivers prior to each piCorePlayer release. Please report any issue.


  • Check the Wifi MAC and IP addresses have been set by looking at [Wifi settings] > “Wifi information”
	Wifi MAC: dc:a6:32:00:2a:4d
	Wifi IP:
  • For more Wifi diagnostics information click on [Wifi settings] > “Set Wifi configuration” > [Dignostics]

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