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piCorePlayer 1.22

pCP Team 12 December 2015 pCP 1.22

Download #

Please try the new release piCorePlayer 1.22.

Ralphy has been a great support and help during the development - so thank you very much.

IMPORTANT: The new Jivelite and Squeezelite are large packages, therefore, if you update from a previous version, you might be running out of space. So I recommend that the first thing you do after updating piCorePlayer is to increase the available space:

  1. Select the [Beta] tab in the bottom of the Main webpage.
  2. Select [Resize FS] on the Main web page this will expand the piCorePlayer to use all of your SD card
  3. Select “Auto” - this will start the automatic resize process, pCP will reboot a couple of times, and it takes some minute (depending on the size of your SD card) - but please be patient and let it finish.

Changes #

  • Updated kernel 4.1.12.
  • Updated piCore (even faster booting).
  • Touchscreen support improved (the official RPi 7" touchscreen).
  • Calibration file included.
  • Jivelite can be installed from webpage.
  • VU-Meters can be changed from webpage.
  • New high quality default VU-Meter made by forum member Kolossos - thank you very much.
  • Backlight on/off (Jivelite settings/screen/screensavers/when stopped/Display off ) then the backlight will be off when not playing, and on when you touch the screen.
  • Ralphy is providing two versions of Squeezelite. The basic version which is shipped with pCP allow playback of pcm, (wav/aiff), flac, mp3, ogg and aac. It is only 1 Mb in size. The ffmpeg version is bigger (12 MB) and allows in addition playback of ALAC and WMA via build in ffmpeg. In the Main page you can choose which version you will use.

After customizing Jivelite you need to save your changes to the next reboot. This is done on the webpage ([Advanced] tab in the bottom and choose [Backup]).

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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