Transparent piCorePlayer

Babbelnet 4 July 2024 pCP 9.0.0 Projects

Here is my new project.

It was born purely as a hobby and to test my skill to do something like this.

I built the case with laser-cut clear acrylic glass to allow a view of all the wonderful technology inside. The player contains a RPi Zero WH, Hifiberry Zero, 2.2 inch none-touchable display and two rotary encoders.

I had struggled a bit with the rotary encoders to find the right GPIOs and parameters in the script.

I also had struggled with the Hifiberry Zero. The description mentions only 4 GPIOs are needed to work, but you need a total of 9!

The jacks are easily accessible on the back through cutouts. The SD card can also be removed from the side.

Unfortunately, I messed up the front panel a bit when assembling it and still have to replace it.

But I’ll do that with the next project.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • Hifiberry Zero
  • 2.2 inch none-touchable display
  • two rotary encoders

The Result

Transparent piCorePlayer Transparent piCorePlayer Transparent piCorePlayer

The POC with a RPi 3B+. Later I switched to a RPi Zero to save more space.

Transparent piCorePlayer

The lasercut acrylics and the other parts that were needed.

Transparent piCorePlayer

Demonstration video

For those who want to rebuild this player or only parts of it, you can request the *.dxf Autocad-Files for cutting the acrylics or the GPIO script I used for the rotary encoders.

Be curious about my next project, which is already in my head.

Rotary encoder setup

These extensions were necessary on pCP for Rotary encoders:

  • nano.tcz
  • pcp-sbpd.tcz
  • pigpio.tcz

…and the related script:


# start pigpiod daemon

pigpiod -t 0 -f -l -s 10

# give the daemon a moment to start up before issuing the sbpd command

sleep 2

# load uinput module, then set the permission to group writable, so you don't need to run sbpd with root permissions

sudo modprobe uinput

sudo chmod g+w /dev/uinput

# issue the sbpd command

# This command will cause encoder to move selection up or down; Press=Enter; long press=escape

sbpd e,23,24,KEY:KEY_UP-KEY_DOWN,4 e,5,6,KEY:KEY_EQUAL-KEY_MINUS,4 b,12,KEY:KEY_ENTER,2,0,KEY:KEY_ESC,250 b,17,PLAY,2,0,POWR,250‚Äč

The command to use the script on pCP [Tweaks] Page:

Transparent piCorePlayer

The used GPIO’s on the RPi:

Transparent piCorePlayer

More information

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