piCorePlayer 1.17

pCP Team 23 August 2014 pCP 1.17

New version piCorePlayer 1.17

Development of piCorePlayer is now strengthened as Greg Erskine is part of piCorePlayer. He has rewritten all the web pages and cgi scripts.

Changes #

  • Kernel is the same as piCorePlayer 1.16a, but firmware files are updated so you can use it on your Raspberry Pi B+.

New tweaks #

  • Change password for piCorePlayer.
  • Select time zone.
  • If you have used ALSA mixer via ssh, then you can “use custom ALSA settings” on the [Tweaks] page, and your custom ALSA settings will remembered and used after each reboot.
  • Select different FIQ-split acceleration. Try different settings if you have trouble with your USB sound card.

New gadget #

  • If you give the IP address of your LMS server on the Squeezelite settings page, you will see a new set of controls on top of the piCorePlayer logo. These controls give you a very basic control of the LMS. You can change sound volume and change tracks.

As previously stated Greg fixed my cgi scripts and rewrote all the web pages, so they now comply with standards and the structure is much better.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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