piCorePlayer 3.21

pCP Team 19 July 2017 pCP 3.21

The pCP Team has released a minor update, but has some key new things that some have really been waiting.

Here are the major changes

  • Kernel 4.9.35, Firmware 2017/06/30.
  • Supports new Allo DigiOne, MiniBoss, and updated PianoPlus driver to support Dual Mono/Dual Stereo.
  • Added Piano Plus alsamixer controls to Audio card Control Page.
  • Multiple USB and Network Mounts.
  • Wifi should now work in the Audio Optimized Kernel.
  • If you have a RPi3, you can now run pCP from a USB memory card. - You may need to configure your RPi3 to support this—see Boot from USB. You will have to increase the waitusb= value in cmdline.txt.
  • Squeezelite packages in image updated to latest.
  • Touchscreen kernel module package, now include fbtft and other kernel modules for other screens.
  • Fixed AudioCore Touchscreen kernel packages for missing backlight dependency…(separate Backlight-xxxxx.tcz is no longer required).


The multiple drive mounts was a significant code change. Hopefully I’ve handled all the possible cases.


The released versions can be downloaded here.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen


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