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piCorePlayer 1.07

pCP Team 10 November 2013 pCP 1.07

piCorePlayer 1.07 is ready.

Changes #

  • Updated kernel to rpi-linux-3.11.5
  • Better picoreplayer script, so now it is much easier to change the Squeezelite settings, like name etc - and you can see what the current settings are.
  • More Wifi adapters are supported (I think that most the Ralink adapters are working now).
  • Better Wifi script (thanks to Randy McEuen who made it possible to save non-protected Wifi’s as well).
  • The new version is larger than usual, as this has been requested by many who wanted to add extra packages to the piCorePlayer. If needed I can provide a smaller version.

BIG thanks to Randy McEuen who helped by beta testing the new version and also provided a valuable patch to the Wifi.sh script in the microcore community.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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