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Using dd command

pCP Team 7 November 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Setup • How to

Step 1

Make sure you know what your doing here. dd can write to any device and wipe out your hard disk in a second!

Depending on your system, finding the card device can use different tools.

Use lsblk or blkid to identify your device. Typically /dev/sd? or /dev/mmcblk?.

Run the command before and after inserting SD card.

Step 2

Using lsblk, type:

$ lsblk

dd - Find SD card

In this case, the card is located at /dev/sdf.

Step 3

Using blkid on piCorePlayer, type:

$ blkid

dd - Find SD card

In this case, the card is located at /dev/sdb.

Step 4

Unmount all partitions of the SD card device.

Type the following commands:

$ sudo umount /dev/sdf1

$ sudo umount /dev/sdf2

Step 5

Write the new image using this command.

$ sudo dd if=piCorePlayer6.1.0.img of=/dev/sdf bs=1M

dd - Write SD card

Step 6

Remove SD card. Image is ready to use.

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