piCorePlayer Releases

pCP Team 8 May 2024 pCP 9.0.1

piCorePlayer 1.21g

pCP Team 31 October 2015

Finally, we succeeded to support the new official Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen. With the help from Ralphy (from the Squeezebox forum) and bmarkus (from the piCore team) we managed to get the new 7" Touch Screen working with piCorePlayer, so now you can use Jivelite and piCorePlayer will be almost like a original Squeezebox Touch. So please try piCorePlayer 1.21g. Changes Improved the mount/unmount behaviour. Fixed a problem with selecting audio output in RPiA.

piCorePlayer 1.21b

pCP Team 13 September 2015

Thanks to all your bug reports, Greg and I are releasing a new version piCorePlayer 1.21b. Changes The update process required a reboot in order for the I2S-DACs to be loaded. Resulting in “Squeezelite not running” after first boot - this is now done automatically the first time you start after an in situ update. This also fixed a host name problem. The newconfig.cfg file was not removed after an in situ update, which probably is the cause of some of the inconsistent problems we are seeing - should be fixed now.

piCorePlayer 1.21a

pCP Team 10 September 2015

New piCorePlayer 1.21a ready. Note But first I owe you all an apology. Unfortunately all 1.21 users will find that you are unable to do in situ update - sorry about that. If you are using piCorePlayer 1.21 You will need to burn the 1.21a img directly to the SD card. If you are using piCorePlayer 1.19 or older you can update from the web pages as always. Changes Kernel updated with the most recent fixes (4.

piCorePlayer 1.21

pCP Team 31 August 2015

[DELETED September 10] New version 1.21 is ready. [Please notice this version was removed as it had a nasty bug so future updates from this version was not possible.] Changes Kernel updated to 4.1.6 with a possible important USB fix for those using Schitt Modi 2 audio box (or similar). Added tab, so it is easy to jump from one piCorePlayer to another present in your system. Re-added the controls allowing you to skip tracks and adjust volume up/down.

piCorePlayer 1.19l

pCP Team 17 May 2015

New piCorePlayer 1.19l ready for both the original RPi as well as the new RPi2. Changes Timezone settings survives an update - FIXED. Increase in boot speed (if not using Wifi). Issues Still not saving your custom ALSA settings after an update - we have it fixed now for the next version. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 1.19k

pCP Team 14 May 2015

Hi all piCorePlayer users. Note: In this version of piCorePlayer a new password is used. User: tc Password: piCore We have a new version ready piCorePlayer 1.19k. It is mostly a bug fix version but Greg have developed a new option that allow you to set a static IP address for your piCorePlayer. This has been requested frequently, so now the first part is ready. For now it is only for wired networks, so if you use Wifi you can’t set a static IP-address.

piCorePlayer 1.19i

pCP Team 15 April 2015

New versions piCorePlayer 1.19i and piCorePlayer 1.19i_RPi2 are available from the download page. Changes Fixed the problem with Wifi and RPiA+ cards (did not load firmware). To set up an only Wifi based system download the newconfig.cfg file from here: Downloads. Then change the Wifi section so it fits your setup and save it to your SD card boot partition (in a windows computer just save it to the SD card as it is the only partition visible in windows).

piCorePlayer 1.19

pCP Team 3 March 2015

Finally, piCorePlayer 1.19 is released. Actually there are two separate releases as we need a version for the older Raspberry Pi boards and a version for the new armv7 version of the Raspberry Pi board (RPi2). Greg and I have been working hard on improving the experience when using piCorePlayer. In addition, improvements in the Wifi and autostart of Lyrion Media Server (LMS) have been included. The autostart feature of LMS means that piCorePlayer is able to start playing one of your favourite radio stations after you boot is.

piCorePlayer 1.18b

pCP Team 2 November 2014

If you were using a HiFiBerryAMP (the amplifier card from HiFiBerry) please update to piCorePlayer 1.18b, otherwise your card was not recognised after a reboot. It has been fixed now. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 1.18a

pCP Team 27 October 2014

Small update to piCorePlayer 1.18a. Changes Added support for the HiFiBerryAMP 2x25W amplifier card. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
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