piCorePlayer Releases

pCP Team 8 May 2024 pCP 9.0.1

piCorePlayer 1.05

pCP Team 30 July 2013

piCorePlayer 1.05 is now ready. It plays all sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz via HDMI. Please use this string if you use HDMI: -a ::32:0 I have included rt2800.bin, so hopefully more Wifi devices are supported. I have updated ALSA to version The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 1.03

pCP Team 24 July 2013

piCorePlayer 1.03 is now able to handle both low resolution (44.1/16) as well as high resolution (192/16) via HDMI (I hope). The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 1.02

pCP Team 22 July 2013

IMPORTANTBoth piCorePlayer 1.01 and 1.02 have problems with 44/16 and 48/16 files via HDMI, whereas 88/24, 96/24 and 192/24 are playing fine. I’m looking into this issue, so if that is important for you, please wait for a new version. New menu which makes it easy to use audio out via HDMI. I have tested it and it is working fine with 192/24 flac. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 1.01

pCP Team 21 July 2013

piCorePlayer is updated to version 1.01. Changes I have increased some of the buffer settings in the HDMI part, so hopefully you can use 192kHZ through HDMI (piCorePlayer could use 96kHZ whereas higher sample rates resulted in crackles and noise). Please test because I have no equipment to test it with. Kernel updated to 3.9.10+ which include more USB fixes. I added some extra files which might be important for the function of various WiFi adapters.

piCorePlayer 1.00

pCP Team 16 June 2013

piCorePlayer 1.0 is ready and you can get it from the download page. High resolution audio through HDMI Thanks to the suggestion from giantpopples from the Squeezbox forum and the work by tghewett from the Raspberry Pi forum it is now possible to stream high resolution audio through the HDMI cable. Before the Raspberry Pi would down-sample everything to 48kHZ. But we modified the bcm2835-pcm.c and build the kernel. Now it is possible to stream 88.

piCorePlayer 1.00b

pCP Team 13 June 2013

A new test version is ready. It is build on kernel 3.8.13+ and using the special fiq_split branch. In addition I have tweaked the kernel, so that it might be possible t o use 192kHz as max sample rate via HDMI. Before the max rate was 48kHz. I can’t test this so please report back. Get it from here: TestVersion 1.0 of the piCorePlayer (not available any more) The pCP Team

piCorePlayer 0.90

pCP Team 22 May 2013

Important info about the piCorePlayer version 09 Kernel is updated to 3.8.12+ the fiq-split version made by gsh in order to improve USB handling. It is an experimental branch which hopefully in time will fix the USB problems observed with our Raspberry’s ALSA and Wifi modules in microcore has been updated with modules from the raspberry kernel The WiFi problem seems to improved: I can now connect at 150Mbit/sec using any kind of WPA/WPA2 protection without any problems The sound via USB DAC seems also improved - now it is possible to use a USB DAC without the need for changing the default ALSA buffer settings.
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