piCorePlayer Releases

pCP Team 10 July 2021 pCP 8.0.0

pCP Team 1 February 2014

Hi all. I have a new version ready… get it from the Downloads section. It is piCorePlayer 1.11. It is a major rework as it now has a build in web server, so you can control the settings via your browser. Simply use the IP address of the Raspberry Pi and port number 8077. Something like And then it should be fairly simple to change the settings of your player.
pCP Team 4 January 2014

piCorePlayer 1.10 is ready. Hi all, I’m happy to announce a new version of piCorePlayer, which is a major improvement over previous versions. It is build on cutting edge linux kernel 3.12.6 which have support for I2S-connections. That means that you will be able to let the DAC communicate directly with the Raspberry Pi. There are already a few I2S DACs available, however at the moment piCorePlayer only support the HiFiBerryDAC, you can read more about HiFiBerry .
pCP Team 21 November 2013

piCorePlayer 1.09 is ready. IMPORTANT (22 November 2013) #The first version of piCorePlayer 1.09 was corrupted - please download again. Changes # Thanks to Ralphy you can now play WMA ald ALAC audio files, and possibly do upsampling on piCorePlayer as well. libfaad, libffmpeg and libsoxr are now included and enabled together with Ralphy’s Squeezelite which is compiled with support of upsampling using the libsoxr resampling library. This allows Squeezelite to upsample the output to the highest sample rate supported by the output device.
pCP Team 11 November 2013

piCorePlayer 1.08 is ready. Changes # Stupid mistake from my side (I forgot to include the libmad package, so no MP3 support). The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
pCP Team 10 November 2013

piCorePlayer 1.07 is ready. Changes # Updated kernel to rpi-linux-3.11.5 Better picoreplayer script, so now it is much easier to change the Squeezelite settings, like name etc - and you can see what the current settings are. More Wifi adapters are supported (I think that most the Ralink adapters are working now). Better Wifi script (thanks to Randy McEuen who made it possible to save non-protected Wifi’s as well). The new version is larger than usual, as this has been requested by many who wanted to add extra packages to the piCorePlayer.
pCP Team 31 July 2013

piCorePlayer 1.06 is now ready. I have disabled the automatic resampling in ALSA (the Dmix option), so now it play 44.1kHz and 48kHz audio with the correct sample rate. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
pCP Team 30 July 2013

piCorePlayer 1.05 is now ready. It plays all sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz via HDMI. Please use this string if you use HDMI: -a ::32:0 I have included rt2800.bin, so hopefully more Wifi devices are supported. I have updated ALSA to version The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
pCP Team 24 July 2013

piCorePlayer 1.03 is now able to handle both low resolution (44.1/16) as well as high resolution (192/16) via HDMI (I hope). The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
pCP Team 22 July 2013

IMPORTANT #Both piCorePlayer 1.01 and 1.02 have problems with 44/16 and 48/16 files via HDMI, whereas 88/24, 96/24 and 192/24 are playing fine. I’m looking into this issue, so if that is important for you, please wait for a new version. New menu which makes it easy to use audio out via HDMI. I have tested it and it is working fine with 192/24 flac. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen
pCP Team 21 July 2013

piCorePlayer is updated to version 1.01. Changes # I have increased some of the buffer settings in the HDMI part, so hopefully you can use 192kHZ through HDMI (piCorePlayer could use 96kHZ whereas higher sample rates resulted in crackles and noise). Please test because I have no equipment to test it with. Kernel updated to 3.9.10+ which include more USB fixes. I added some extra files which might be important for the function of various WiFi adapters.
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