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Create a new document

pCP Team 26 October 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Publishing

This is how you can create a new document for inclusion into piCorePlayer Documentation. There are various options with the intention of making it easy to submit content to the piCorePlayer Documentation. You can start by submitting a “plain text file” right up to using Markdown with shortcodes and using Hugo to publish to a local server for checking. Plain text #This is the simplest way to do it. A user:

Markdown syntax guide

pCP Team 26 October 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Publishing

This page contains examples of Markdown syntax. For more detailed descriptions of Markdown syntax—see: CommonMark help CommonMark specification. Learn Markdown Markdown Guide Headings #The following HTML <h1>—<h6> elements represent six levels of section headings. Example:# This is an H1 - Do not use - Defined by title/description front matter ## This is an H2 - added to table of contents ### This is an H3 - added to table of contents #### This is an H4 ##### This is an H5 - label ###### This is an H6 Result:This is an H2 - added to table of contents #This is an H3 - added to table of contents #This is an H4 #This is an H5 - labelThis is an H6Paragraphs #Paragraphs are separated by empty lines.


pCP Team 26 October 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Publishing

Shortcodes are used to add a little more functionality to Markdown. Shortcodes are located in the theme layouts directory. Card shortcode #Draw the reader’s attention by separating information from the rest of the page. Convey meaning to this information by using colors implying success, info, warning, or danger and an appropriate icon.   Danger Be sure to read me, I might have important information for you. Usage #Simply place the following shortcode in the document.

Front matter - YAML meta data

pCP Team 26 September 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Publishing

Front matter - YAML formatted. Example front matter #--- title: Front matter description: Front matter - YAML meta data date: 2020-09-24 author: pCP Team weight: 6 pcpver: "6.1.0" toc: false draft: false hidden: false categories: - Publishing tags: - Front matter --- Variables #Title #The title variable: is used in the left hand navigation menu. is used in the Previous/Next links at the bottom of the page. should be relatively brief.

Convert HTML to Markdown

pCP Team 26 October 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Publishing  •

Step 1In web page, View source (Ctrl+U in Edge) Copy the HTML code by: clicking on HTML window to set focus type ctrl+a type ctrl+c Step 2Open Turndown—click Turndown - HTML to Markdown Set Heading style to atx Set Bullet to - Set Code block style to fenced Paste in left HTML window ctrl+v Copy result from right MARKDOWN window ctrl+a, ctrl+c Step 3Paste into text editor ctrl+c

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