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pCP Team 24 January 2021 pCP 5.0.0

Jivelite is a cut down Squeezebox control application derived from Logitech’s SB Jive. Originally developed and released by Adrian Smith. Currently maintained by Ralph Irving. piCorePlayer fully supports Jivelite on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Official 7" Touch Screen. Installation #Jivelite can be installed on piCorePlayer via the [Tweaks] page on the piCorePlayer web interface. Jivelite [Settings] > [piCorePlayer] screen # Reboot piCorePlayer Shutdown piCorePlayer Rescan LMS Media Library Adjust Display Backlight Brightness Adjust Display Backlight Brightness when Powered Off Enable Power On Button when Powered Off Wake-on-LAN Save Settings to SD Card More information # Announce: JiveLite - cut down squeezebox control application - Triode Jivelite for piCorePlayer - Ralph Irving Original Jivelite - Adrian Smith - Google Code Archive Latest Jivelite - Ralph Irving - github Jivelite for piCorePlayer - Ralph Irving - github

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