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Topping E30 Manual

pCP Team 21 January 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •
Thank you for purchasing Topping DAC E30! E30 is a high performance DAC with USB, coaxial and optical inputs. It is compatible with up to 768kHz/32bit and DSD512. E30 is designed for full digital volume control and equipped with LED display screen. It can be used as not only a DAC but also preamplifier. We believe that high-quality E30 could bring you more fun at enjoying HIFI music. Contents list Item Number E30 x1 DC cable x1 USB cable x1 User’s manual x1 Warranty card x1 Remote control x1 Info You can download the drivers and user’s manual on http://www.

Add a Topping E30 USB DAC

pCP Team 25 June 2024 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •
This project is to add a Topping E30 USB DAC to piCorePlayer. What was usedHardware Raspberry Pi 4B - 1GB. Raspberry Pi 15.3W USB-C Power Supply. SanDisk Ultra 8GB SD card—see SD card. Topping E30 USB DAC—see Topping E30 II. Warning The Topping E30 USB DAC is no longer available. The Topping E30 II is the later equivalent. Software piCorePlayer 7.0.0—see piCorePlayer Downloads. Network Diagram graph TD Router[Wifi router] Router --> |Wifi| RPi[RPi4B - pCP] RPi --- |USB 2| DAC[Topping E30] RPi --- |USB 2| DAC[Topping E30] DAC --> AMP[Amplifier] DAC --> AMP[Amplifier] StepsStep 1 - Download pCP Download piCorePlayer—see Download piCorePlayer.

Autostart Squeezelite

PaoloFazari 7 February 2023 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •
How to autostart Squeezelite when you power-on your USB DAC. If you have an USB DAC (or an amplifier with integrated DAC) correctly configured in pCP (by setting in squeezelite settings: USB AUDIO as audio output device and hw:CARD=xxx into output setting section - where xxx is the Linux device name of your DAC which you can see by expanding the same output section - ) you can get the problem described below.
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