Add a USB hard drive and setup SAMBA

nowhinjing 6 May 2024 pCP 5.0.0 Setup • How to  •  •
Step 1 - Adding an USB Hard Disk - PreparationIf the USB hard disk you are adding is formatted as FAT32 or NTFS you will need to install the “additional Filesystems pack” before you can load and configure the disk. Note that this step is not required if your disk is formatted as EXT4. Windows users can pre-format such a disk using the free utility MiniTool Partition Manager, and this is in fact what I have done.

Add a WD Elements SE 4TB hard disk drive

pCP Team 13 October 2022 pCP 8.2.0 Setup • How to
How to add a WD Elements SE 4TB USB HDD (USB drive) to piCorePlayer. The object of this “How To” was to grab a standard 4TB USB HDD from the Electronics store and determine what are the steps required to get it mounted on piCorePlayer. To date, I have only be using 1TB and 2TB USB drives which were formatted NTFS and used a MBR. My understanding is for HDD’s greater than 2TB, the MBR is replaced with a GPT.
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