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Add USB Ethernet adapter

pCP Team 2 January 2021 pCP 6.1.0 Setup • How to  •  •
piCorePlayer includes the extension net-usb-KERNEL.tcz on the pCP image for those occasions when you have a RPi with a spare USB port but no Ethernet port and want to connect to a wired network. By default this extension is not loaded. To facilitate a headless install of net-usb-KERNEL.tcz, piCorePlayer looks for a file named netusb on the boot partition. Step 1 Add an empty file “netusb” to boot partition. This will instruct piCorePlayer to load the appropriate firmware during the boot process.

Batch file to create minimal wpa_supplicant.conf

pCP Team 28 June 2021 pCP 8.0.0-b7 Projects  •  •
A MSDOS batch file for Windows 10 to create a basic wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file and/or a netusb file on the PCP_BOOT partition of your SD card. Warning Advanced users only. Use at your own risk! I create a lot of piCorePlayer images on SD cards and needed a method to quickly and consistently add a minimal wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file to a freshly created SD card. After years of thinking about it, I decided it was time to create a batch file to quickly create this configuration file.
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