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Raspberry Pi

pCP Team 15 April 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Components

The Raspberry Pi is a small and relatively cheap SBC (single board computer). First introduced in 2012, the range has regularly expanded, resulting in many models and options being available. The Raspberry Pi has proven to be very successful, selling millions every year. This success, combined with product availability and abundant support, makes the Raspberry Pi the hardware platform of choice for piCorePlayer. Models # Model Memory Freq Cores LAN Wifi Headphones Zero 512MB 1GHz single no no no Zero W 512MB 1GHz single no yes no Zero 2 W 512MB 1GHz quad no yes no 1A 256MB 700MHz single no no yes 1A+ 256MB 700MHz single no no yes 1B 256MB, 512MB 700MHz single yes no yes 1B+ 512MB 700MHz single yes no yes 2B 1GB 900MHz quad yes no yes 3A+ 512MB 1.

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